Ventus Travel Agency Sytem

The complete solution for travel agencies !

Software for travel agencies

The ideal mid- and back-office system for travel agencies and travel portals.


As a travel agency, you benefit from the ease of use of Ventus so you can focus on travel sales.

User-friendly Interface
Clear and simple navigation for efficient use.
Quick Onboarding
New staff can quickly get up to speed without wasting time.
Efficient Workflows
Optimized functions for smooth operation in bookings and sales activities.

Our interfaces to popular CRS systems such as Amadeus, Traffics, Sabre and Vanessa make your day-to-day work easier by eliminating the need for time-consuming entry of bookings into a mid- and back-office system. All bookings made are automatically imported into Ventus.

CRS System Interfaces
Ventus offers seamless integration with leading CRS systems such as Amadeus, Traffics, Sabre, and Vanessa.
Automated Booking Input
Eliminates the tedious manual entry of bookings into the mid- and back-office systems.
Efficiency Boost in Daily Work
The automated transfer of bookings significantly facilitates daily work by saving time and minimizing human errors.

Not only bookings made via CRS systems, but also bookings made via the websites of airlines such as SunExpress, Turkish Airlines and Pegasus Airlines are automatically imported into Ventus.

Airline Interfaces
Ventus enables automatic transfer of bookings, not only via CRS systems but also from the websites of airlines like SunExpress, Turkish Airlines, and Pegasus Airlines.
Enhanced Automation
These interfaces extend automation to flight bookings from various platforms, reducing manual effort.
Full Integration of Booking Sources
Ventus ensures seamless integration of bookings from various sources, resulting in comprehensive and efficient booking capture.

Always keep an eye on your incoming and existing bookings.

Simple Booking Management
Keep track of your incoming and existing bookings at all times.
Overview of Distribution Partners
Capture distribution partners and store commission agreements.
Accounting & Invoice Control
Ventus allows you to transmit booking records to your chosen financial accounting system automatically.

Enter your sales partners and store the commission agreements made. Retrieve current bookings, sales and commissions to always keep track and negotiate new conditions if necessary.

Ventus is based on 20 years of experience in the travel industry.
The system covers all processes of a classic travel agency from A to Z.
Through numerous integrations with CRS systems and airlines, Ventus simplifies your daily work with automated processes.

Ventus offers you the option of automatically transferring accounting records to a financial accounting system of your choice, according to your specifications. Debtor as well as creditor payments can be read in by the system and assigned to the postings. Payment terms are monitored by the system. If required, the dunning run can be completed with just a few clicks.

Automatisierte Buchungsübermittlung:
Ventus ermöglicht die automatische Übermittlung von Buchungssätzen an Ihr Finanzbuchhaltungssystem.
Effiziente Zahlungszuordnung:
Debitoren- und Kreditorenzahlungen werden automatisch eingelesen und den Buchungen zugeordnet.
Mahnlauf mit wenigen Klicks:
Bei Bedarf kann der Mahnlauf einfach und schnell mit nur wenigen Klicks durchgeführt werden.

Ventus is based on 20 years of experience in the travel industry. For new customers, it is ready for use within a short time.

Ventus profitiert von 20 Jahren Erfahrung in der Reisebranche.
Rasche Einsatzbereitschaft:
Neukunden können das System schnell in Betrieb nehmen.
Bewährte Zuverlässigkeit:
Ventus ist auf bewährten Erfahrungen aufgebaut, um eine zuverlässige Lösung zu bieten.

The system covers all the processes of a classic travel agency from A to Z. It can be used for individual travel agencies or travel agencies. It can be used for individual travel agencies or travel agency chains.

Umfassende Abdeckung:
Ventus deckt alle Abläufe eines klassischen Reisebüros von A bis Z ab.
Flexibel für verschiedene Größen:
Das System ist sowohl für einzelne Reisebüros als auch für Reisebüroketten einsetzbar.
Ganzheitliche Lösung:
Ventus bietet eine ganzheitliche Lösung für unterschiedliche Bedürfnisse in der Reisebranche.

With its numerous connections to CRS systems and airlines, Ventus makes your daily work easier with automated processes.

Effizienter Arbeitsalltag:
Ventus erleichtert Ihren Arbeitsalltag durch zahlreiche Anbindungen an CRS-Systeme und Airlines.
Automatisierte Prozesse:
Durch Automatisierung werden Prozesse optimiert und vereinfacht.
Zeitersparnis und Effizienz:
Die Anbindungen ermöglichen eine Zeitersparnis und erhöhte Effizienz in Ihren Arbeitsabläufen.