Ventus-Travel Agency System

The all-in-one solution for travel agencies

Software for travel agencies

The ideal mid- and back-office system for travel agencies and travel portals.


Ventus, your solution for uncomplicated travel distribution! As a travel agency, benefit from our easy handling, allowing you to fully focus on distribution. With Ventus, we not only simplify your daily work but also provide you with the tools to operate more efficiently and customer-oriented. Our user-friendly platform enables you to effortlessly create offers, manage bookings, and focus on the needs of your customers. Discover the ease of travel distribution with Ventus. Simplify your processes, increase your efficiency, and offer your customers an unmatched travel experience.

Thanks to our interfaces to leading CRS systems such as Amadeus, Traffics, Sabre, and Vanessa, your daily work with Ventus is noticeably easier. The laborious manual entry of bookings into the mid- and back-office system is eliminated, as all bookings are automatically transferred to Ventus. Utilize the efficiency of our seamless integration and focus on what really matters - your travel distribution!

Ventus not only integrates with CRS systems like Amadeus, Traffics, Sabre, and Vanessa but also with bookings made through airline websites such as SunExpress, Turkish Airlines, and Pegasus Airlines. This ensures that all bookings, regardless of the source, are automatically imported into Ventus. Benefit from this comprehensive integration and save valuable time in managing your bookings.

With Ventus, you always have an overview of your incoming and existing bookings. Our platform provides you with a transparent and easily accessible view, allowing you to monitor the status and details of your bookings at any time. Whether it's new reservations or existing bookings, Ventus allows you to manage them effortlessly and plan effectively.

With Ventus, you can easily capture your distribution partners and directly record the commission agreements made. Retrieve current bookings, revenues, and commissions at any time to keep track. This transparency allows you to flexibly respond to changes and negotiate new conditions as needed. With Ventus, you have control over your distribution structures and can dynamically adjust them to achieve the best possible success.

Optimize your accounting process with Ventus: Automatically transmit booking records according to your specifications to a financial accounting system of your choice. Debtor and creditor payments are read by the system and assigned to the bookings. Monitoring of payment deadlines is automatic, and if necessary, the dunning process can be completed with just a few clicks.

Ventus, developed with state-of-the-art technologies and over 20 years of experience in the travel industry, is ready for new customers in no time. The system is cross-platform and location-independent, allowing you to work flexibly and efficiently.

Ventus is designed to cover all processes of a classic travel agency from A to Z. Whether it's a single travel agency or a chain of travel agencies, Ventus is flexible and adaptable. The versatility and adaptability of Ventus enable seamless integration into different business structures.

Ventus simplifies your daily work through automated processes, thanks to numerous integrations with CRS systems and airlines. The seamless integration enables efficient processes, from booking to management, giving you more time for what matters most - customer care and successful travel distribution.