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The management tool for your product !

Suppliers bridge to Sunny customers

Our innovative solution for tour operators and incoming agencies to centrally manage the entire product portfolio.


The multitude of suppliers and types of data transmission/entry of contracts, makes it very time-consuming to manage the product portfolio. With our new TourAPI we have developed a central module to ease the effort for you. All data can be imported automatically via interfaces or entered and managed manually.

Intuitive user interface
Clear and user-friendly interface enabling easy navigation.
Quick start
An uncomplicated onboarding process for new customers to quickly become familiar with the system.
Easily understandable features
Simple and understandable features to minimize the learning curve for users.

Our TourAPI offers not only the central entry of contracts but also the control of your portfolio. Decide which of your partners will receive your portfolio and at what conditions.

Stable online booking & cancellation interfaces
Built-in interfaces for seamless online bookings and cancellations to simplify the entire booking process.
Real-time communication
Fast and reliable communication with partners in real-time to implement changes or updates immediately.
Data transmission security measures
Implementation of security protocols for the secure transmission of sensitive booking data between Sunny and partners.

A simplified overview of incoming bookings makes it easier for you to control your prices and contingents quickly and effectively..

Dynamic pricing
Implementation of dynamic pricing to flexibly respond to demand fluctuations and remain competitive.
Real-time data analysis
Provision of real-time data analysis to make informed decisions about product adjustments based on current market conditions.
Custom reporting tools
Provision of custom reporting tools to monitor and continuously improve the performance of the offering.

Manage your entire product portfolio centrally in one place, regardless of the type of supplier contracts.

Comprehensive booking history
Storage and easily accessible display of the complete booking history for a comprehensive overview of past transactions.
Document management
Integrated document management for easy storage, organization, and quick retrieval of relevant documents.
Agency management
Capture of information about distribution partners and agencies, including contact details, locations, and commission agreements made.

TourAPI is our solution for controlling your product portfolio and is fully linked to Sunny.

Booking and revenue overview
Real-time querying of current bookings and revenues to steer distribution strategically and evaluate the performance of distribution partners.
Secure access and data protection
Secure access to sensitive data and ensuring data protection for customer and partner information.
Transparent financial reports
Generation of transparent financial reports providing insights into financial performance and booking history.

Managen Sie Ihre gesamtes Produktportfolio zentral an einem Ort, unabhängig von der Art der Lieferantenverträge.

Automatic data reconciliation
Automatic reconciliation of booking records to ensure all financial transactions are accurately recorded and documented.
Security and compliance
Ensuring data privacy and compliance with financial regulations throughout the entire accounting and auditing process.
Regular updates and maintenance
Continuous maintenance and regular updates to ensure the system complies with the latest standards and security guidelines.

TourAPI has been developed for use by tour operators and incoming agencies.

User-friendly interface to ensure easy navigation and usage for all users, regardless of their technological background.
Versatile customization options
Flexible configuration options to tailor the TourAPI to your specific requirements.
Customized support
Dedicated support team available to assist with inquiries and customization requests.