Sunny Tour Operator System

The complete solution for tour operators, flight & hotel brokers!

Outbound Reservation System

Our innovative complete solution for dynamically packaging tour operators as well as flight & hotel brokers.


During the development of our web-based tour operator system Sunny, we paid special attention to keeping the handling as simple as possible. Thus we enable new customers a fast entrance into the system.

Intuitive User Interface
Clear and user-friendly interface enabling easy navigation.
Quick Start:
An uncomplicated onboarding process for new customers to quickly familiarize themselves with the system.
Easily Understandable Features:
Simple and understandable features to minimize the learning curve for users.

Sunny offers you permanent access to the offers of your partners. You determine which flights, hotels and transfers you want to use. In connection with our TourAPI interface your prices and availabilities are always up to date. Also benefit from the stable online booking & cancellation interfaces to your partners, which are already implemented in Sunny.

Stable Online Booking & Cancellation Interfaces:
Built-in interfaces for smooth online bookings and cancellations, simplifying the entire booking process.
Real-time Communication:
Fast and reliable communication with partners in real-time to implement changes or updates immediately.
Data Transmission Security Measures:
Implementation of security protocols for the secure transmission of sensitive booking data between Sunny and partners.

Use the possibilities to control your product specifically. You decide which flights, hotels & transfers should be included in the production. From the individual calculation to the definition of volume-relevant parameters, such as occupancy or travel duration. Sunny offers you the possibility to adapt your offer to the demand of your customers.

Dynamic Pricing:
Implementation of dynamic pricing to flexibly respond to demand fluctuations and remain competitive.
Real-time Data Analytics:
Provision of real-time data analytics to make informed decisions about product adjustments based on current market conditions.
Custom Reporting Tools:
Provision of custom reporting tools to monitor the performance of the offering and continuously improve it.

Incoming bookings are automatically checked for parameters defined with you. If necessary, the system creates task lists for post-processing of bookings. Your purchase prices, sales prices as well as your calculation are controlled and evaluated by the system. The dispatch of travel confirmations, flight time changes and travel documents is fully automated. The booking history, as well as document, complaint and appointment management round off the integrated functionalities.

Comprehensive Booking History:
Storage and easily accessible display of complete booking history for a comprehensive overview of past transactions.
Document Management
Integrated document management for easy storage, organization, and quick retrieval of relevant documents.
User-Friendly Interface
Intuitive user interface for easy navigation and utilization of all booking management features.

Enter your agencies and store the commission agreements made. Call up current bookings, sales and commissions in order to manage your sales in a targeted manner. Use the integrated customer management, e.g. for target group-specific brand integrations.

Agency Management
Capture of information about distribution partners and agencies, including contact details, locations, and commission agreements made.
Overview of Bookings and Revenue:
Real-time querying of current bookings and revenue to effectively manage sales and evaluate the performance of distribution partners.
Secure Access and Data Privacy:
Secure access to sensitive data and ensuring data privacy for customer and partner information.

Sunny offers you the possibility to automatically transfer accounting records according to your specifications to a financial accounting system of your choice. Debtor as well as creditor payments can be read in by the system and assigned to the bookings. Payment terms are monitored by the system. If required, the dunning run can be completed with just a few clicks. In connection with our eInvoicing, your supplier invoices are automatically compared with data available in the system and differences are disclosed.

Transparent Financial Reports:
Generation of transparent financial reports providing insights into financial performance and booking history.
Automatic Data Reconciliation
Automatic reconciliation of booking records to ensure all financial transactions are accurately captured and documented.
Security and Compliance:
Ensuring data privacy and compliance with financial regulations throughout the accounting and invoice verification process.

Sunny has been developed with state-of-the-art technology and is based on over 20 years of experience in the travel industry. For new customers, it is ready for use within a short time. The system can be used on all platforms and is location-independent.

Technologically Advanced:
Utilization of state-of-the-art technologies for development to ensure the system is powerful, efficient, and future-proof.
Regular Updates and Maintenance:
Continuous maintenance and regular updates to ensure the system complies with the latest standards and security guidelines.
User-friendly interface to ensure easy navigation and usage for all users, regardless of their technological background.

The system covers all the processes of a classic or dynamic tour operator. It requires very little staff. It requires very little personnel. Due to the intuitive usability and the modern interface, it is easy to learn.

Minimal Personnel Costs:
Comprehensive automation and efficiency of the system require lower personnel costs, contributing to improved business profitability.
Efficient Process Flows:
Seamless integration and coverage of all processes enable efficient process flows, leading to increased productivity and reduced bottlenecks.
Flexibility and Adaptability:
The system is flexible and adaptable to the individual requirements of the travel organizer, enabling tailored usage and optimization.

Sunny offers you connections to Traveltainment, Traffics, Travel-IT and other distribution systems. The system supports both the production and processing of classic package and module tours as well as dynamic packaging, e.g. through TT Datamix or Traffics X-Package.

Diverse Distribution System Integrations:
Sunny offers seamless integrations with a variety of distribution systems, including Amadeus, Peakwork, Traffics, Bewotec, Travelport, Schmetterling, and more.
Transparent Bookings and Booking Status:
Users receive clear insights into booking status, ensuring transparency for both customers and staff. This promotes efficient booking tracking and management.
Round-the-Clock Flexibility:
Flexible availability around the clock allows instant access to all booking information. This is particularly important in an industry where customer inquiries can arise at any time.