Sunny-Tour Operator System

The all-in-one solution for tour operators, flight & hotel brokers

Outbound reservation system

Our innovative all-in-one solution for dynamically packaging tour operators as well as flight and hotel brokers.


Sunny, your web-based tour operator system! When developing Sunny, user-friendliness was our top priority. Our goal was to create a system that is intuitive and easy to use even for beginners.

With Sunny, you have constant access to the diverse offerings of your partners. You have control over which flights, hotels, and transfers you want to utilize. Thanks to our TourAPI interface, your prices and availabilities stay up-to-date. Benefit from the advantages of our stable online booking and cancellation interfaces with your partners, seamlessly integrated into Sunny.

Maximize control over your product with Sunny! Decide which flights, hotels, and transfers should be included in production. From individual calculations to defining volume-relevant parameters such as occupancy or travel durations - Sunny provides you with the necessary tools to precisely customize your offering to your customers' demand.

Our system automatically checks incoming bookings against the parameters you have defined. If necessary, Sunny generates comprehensive task lists for post-booking processing. The system seamlessly controls and evaluates your purchase prices, selling prices, and calculations. With Sunny, you not only automate the booking process but also the dispatch of travel confirmations, flight time changes, and travel documents. In addition, Sunny provides a comprehensive booking history, as well as document, complaint, and appointment management, rounding out the integrated functionalities.

With Sunny, you retain control over your agencies: effortlessly capture commission agreements made, track current bookings, revenues, and commissions. The integrated customer management enables targeted market strategies, including target group-specific market integrations. Sunny not only provides a powerful tour operator system but also a tool for effective management, distribution control, and strengthening customer relationships.

Optimize your accounting process with Sunny: Automatically transmit booking records according to your specifications to a financial accounting system of your choice. Debtor and creditor payments are read by the system and assigned to the bookings. Monitoring of payment deadlines is automatic, and if necessary, the dunning process can be completed with just a few clicks. With our eInvoicing, supplier invoices are automatically reconciled with the data in the system, and discrepancies are transparently disclosed.

Sunny, developed with state-of-the-art technologies and over 20 years of experience in the travel industry, is ready for new customers in no time. The system is cross-platform and location-independent, allowing you to work flexibly and efficiently.

Sunny covers all processes of a classical or dynamic tour operator from A to Z while requiring minimal staff. Thanks to its intuitive user interface, it is easy to learn and enables efficient use. Experience the full capabilities of modern tour operator organization with Sunny - a solution that optimizes your processes while minimizing workload.

With Sunny, you have access to a variety of distribution systems, including Amadeus, Peakwork, Traffics, Bewotec, Travelport, Schmetterling, and more. Our system supports the production and processing of both classic package and modular tours, as well as dynamic packaging, e.g., through IT Datamix or Traffics X-packages. Sunny thus enables you maximum flexibility and adaptability in designing and implementing your travel offers.