MyTrip-Check your travel

The customer portal for complete transparency

Customer Portal

Our customer portal MyTrip is the optimal solution to enable your customers to view and manage their bookings.


Transparency is becoming increasingly important for end consumers. Therefore, we have developed MyTrip! With MyTrip, you grant your customers full access to their booking anytime, anywhere. Whether it's booking status, payment deadlines, payment receipts, or changes in the booking, your customers have full access to their booking at all times.

Your customers can manage their bookings independently through MyTrip, create rebooking requests, or even cancel them. With MyTrip, you not only provide your customers with full control over the booking but also relieve your service center.

Through MyTrip, you are always in touch with your customers. Your customers are automatically notified of any changes in the booking. This allows you to provide your customers with new information about the booking at any time and without effort, even in the destination area.

With MyTrip, you have the opportunity to provide your customers with important destination information for the booked product, such as entry requirements, details about the tour guide, or weather information. In addition, MyTrip allows you to provide your customers with an online travel guide that you can create without much effort and cost.

MyTrip is our modern solution for customer communication and fully integrated with Sunny. This seamless integration ensures smooth transfer of booking data between systems. By connecting to Sunny, you can offer your customers comprehensive transparency and easy access to important booking information. MyTrip serves as a central platform for customer communication, allowing you to improve your service quality while minimizing administrative overhead.

Offer your customers full transparency, anytime, anywhere, while simultaneously relieving your staff. MyTrip allows your customers to manage their bookings independently and make changes, leading to improved customer satisfaction and relief for your service center. By providing important destination information and the ability to offer a personalized online travel guide, you can further enhance your customers' travel experience.

MyTrip was developed for use as a customer portal and is accessible via all common web browsers. It serves as a central point of contact for your customers to view, manage their bookings, and get in touch with you. By using MyTrip, you can offer your customers a highly modern and user-friendly experience, leading to increased customer satisfaction.