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The customer portal for full transparency !

Customer portal

Our customer portal MyTrip is the optimal solution to enable your customers to view and manage the bookings they have made.


Transparency is becoming increasingly important for end consumers. That’s why we developed MyTrip! With MyTrip you give your customers full insight into the booking at any time and any place. Whether booking status, payment terms, incoming payments or changes in the booking, your customers have full access to your booking at any time.

Transparent Bookings
Insights into Booking Status
Round-the-Clock Flexibility
Instant Access to All Booking Information
Focus on Security
Reliable Database Backups for Secure Bookings

Your customers can independently manage the booking they have made via MyTrip, create rebooking requests or even cancel them. With MyTrip, you not only grant your customers full control over the booking, but also relieve your service center.

Booking Management
Self-Service Booking Management
Cancellations in a Few Steps
Service Center Relief
Efficient Self-Service through MyTrip
Comprehensive Booking Freedom

With MyTrip you are always in touch with your customers. In case of any changes in the booking, your customers will be corrected automatically. Thus, you can provide your customers with new booking information at any time and without effort, even in the destination.

Customizable Booking to Individual Needs
Customer Communication
Seamless Customer Communication
Automatic Notifications for Booking Changes
Barrier-Free Communication
Continuous Connection via MyTrip

With MyTrip you have the possibility to provide your customers with important destination information about the booked product, such as entry regulations, information about the tour guide or even weather information. In addition, MyTrip allows you to provide your customers with an online travel guide, which you can create without much effort or cost.

Targeted Customer Information
Providing Customers with Relevant Booking Information
Destination Information
MyTrip Guide
Online Guide without Hassle and Costs
Customer-Oriented Destination Information

MyTrip is our modern solution for your customer communication and fully linked to Sunny.

Using MyTrip as a Comprehensive Information Platform
Stress-Free Travel Preparation
Everything Needed for Travel Planning on MyTrip
Seamless Integration with Sunny
MyTrip is fully integrated with Sunny, our web-based tour operator system, as a modern solution for customer communication

Offer your customers full transparency, anytime and anywhere, and relieve your staff at the same time.

Interfaces to Our Products
MyTrip offers interfaces to all our other products to ensure a holistic solution for your business
MyTrip and Sunny in Perfect Harmony
Take advantage of the full integration of MyTrip with Sunny and other products for efficient and continuous customer communication
Personnel Relief

MyTrip was developed for use as a customer portal and can be accessed via all common web browsers.

MyTrip enables your customers to manage bookings independently, relieving your service staff
Online Guide
Free online guide for customers, without hassle and costs
Full Transparency
Your customers receive comprehensive insights into their bookings anytime, anywhere