Holidea-Internet Booking Engine

Backoffice System for travel agencies and travel portals

Your Internet Booking Engine

Our solution for your own internet booking engine (IBE) can be used for the distribution of your own products and those of external providers.


Holidea is our newly developed internet booking engine (IBE) for tour operators and travel agencies. In developing Holidea, we have placed great emphasis on modern design and easy usability for the end consumer. Thus, we offer a straightforward solution that enhances the travel booking experience.

As a tour operator, Holidea provides you with the opportunity to offer your travel agency partners a portal to book your products independently of a connection to a CRS system. Access to the B2B area is controlled through Sunny. It is possible to grant access to one or more sub-agencies for a travel agency. ThroughHolidea, your travel agency partners have continuous access to all bookings made and can manage them from there.

In the B2C sector, Holidea offers a flexible solution for tour operators and travel agencies to market their own products or third-party products directly to end consumers. Thus, Holidea also provides a comprehensive solution in the B2C sector as well.

Holidea is our modern and innovative IBE for the B2B and B2C sectors, fully integrated with Sunny and Ventus. The integration with our proven platforms, Sunny and Ventus, ensures seamless communication and data transfer between the systems. This allows tour operators and travel agencies to efficiently manage their products and serve both business partners and end consumers optimally.

Holidea is a cost-effective IBE that can be operated with minimal effort. You control the offers for the IBE via Sunny, and the generated offers are regularly updated automatically to ensure your IBE is always up-to-date. Holidea thus enables you to optimize and automate your booking processes.

Holidea was primarily developed as a B2B IBE but can also be used as a B2C IBE. With its versatility, it provides tour operators and travel agencies the opportunity to market their products to both other businesses and directly to end consumers. This allows for a broader reach and flexibility in distribution strategy while ensuring efficiency and user-friendliness.