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With over 20 years of experience, eMind is one of the leading technology service providers to the tourism industry in the DACH region. In recent years, the production and distribution of travel has changed significantly. New service providers in the airline and hotel industries, as well as advanced technological capabilities, are still creating increasing momentum. This ongoing change makes it increasingly important for producers and service providers to act and react quickly and flexibly. To this end, we offer our customers tailor-made complete solutions.

By engaging in direct communication with our customers, we collaboratively work on developing tailored end-to-end solutions. Our key advantage lies in our short communication channels, swift response times, and specialized consultations tailored to the specific requirements of the industry.

The travel industry is continuously evolving, and we consider it our commitment not only to keep up with our products but actively drive development forward. This enables us to stand out from other service providers and offer our customers innovative products that go beyond the usual offerings.

We develop so that you can enjoy your vacation. Our daily motivation is satisfied travelers who, with the help of our innovative technology, come one step closer to their dream vacation.

Every member of our team carries the vision within them to become one of the most dynamic leaders in the international travel market in the coming years. Day by day, we pursue this goal with unwavering determination and passionate motivation.


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