The management tool for your product ! TourAPI Sell Your Product

Suppliers bridge to Sunny customers

Our innovative solution for tour operators and incoming agencies to centrally manage the entire product portfolio.

Central interface for your contracts

The multitude of suppliers and types of data transmission/entry of contracts, makes it very time-consuming to manage the product portfolio. With our new TourAPI we have developed a central module to ease the effort for you. All data can be imported automatically via interfaces or entered and managed manually.

Central control of your product portfolio

Our TourAPI offers not only the central entry of contracts but also the control of your portfolio. Decide which of your partners will receive your portfolio and at what conditions.

Simple booking overview

A simplified overview of incoming bookings makes it easier for you to control your prices and contingents quickly and effectively.


TourAPI is our solution for controlling your product portfolio and is fully linked to Sunny.


Manage your entire product portfolio centrally in one place, regardless of the type of supplier contracts.


TourAPI has been developed for use by tour operators and incoming agencies.

What our customers say


Dear eMind family, we thank each and every one of you in turn for all… > “Sunny”



Sunny has helped me to organize my everyday work in a more structured way. For… > “Sunny”