Our PCI compliant solution for your handling of sensitive data ! eProxy Save Your Transaction

Simple and secure PCI compliance

Our PCI compliant eProxy is our secure solution for your handling of sensitive data.

Fast to PCI Compliance

PCI compliance has always been time-consuming and associated with high costs. With our eProxy solution, we enable you to quickly move to PCI compliance, as your systems no longer come into contact with sensitive data. Our eProxy automatically tokenizes sensitive card data on your website or incoming requests so you don’t come into contact with sensitive data.

Be independent

If you work with multiple payment gateways, you will receive vendor-specific tokens that are incompatible with each other. Our universal tokens are independent and work with all payment gateways and PCI-certified service providers worldwide.


Our eProxy is your gateway to PCI compliance, routing them to PCI-certified partners and gateways for easy and secure transaction redemption.


Without much effort and high costs to PCI compliance, without coming into contact with sensitive data.


eProxy tokenizes sensitive data directly on your website or on incoming requests.

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